Sofsky, coming from south Switzerland, is a band composed of musicians with many years of live experience in different projects: Stefano Chiassai (guitar) and Giona Mattei (bass) both members of the post-rock band Kovlo (with tours in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Netherland, Belgium, China); Fabio Giangrande (drummer) also member of Kovlo and other bands like Peter Kernel, LSCC, Francesca Lago (with tours in France, Germany, Netherland, Belgium, Italy, Canada); Flavio Calaon (synths and keyboards) member of the new synth-pop band Flanard (performing in Switzerland and Italy); Nicola Poretti (vocalist), already member of the progressive rock band Plain and with collaborations in bands like Re-count and Nakaruga (with tours in Switzerland and Italy).

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